Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you will have plenty of power anywhere your recreational vehicle or boat will take you. Add solar panels to produce energy to power your recreational vehicle or boat and add an inverter to produce 120V to create the same power you use as shore power.

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Reasons To Go With RV & BOAT Solar


  • Book dry campsites
  • Stop paying for propane
  • Technology

  • Charge batteries
  • Controller monitors production & battery voltage
  • Freedom

  • Camp and boat anywhere
  • Free from loud generators
  • How Does RV & BOAT Solar Work?
    1. Photovoltaic (PV) panels collect the suns energy
    2. Transports to charge controller
    3. Charge controller regulates the voltage from solar panels to batteries
    4. DC (direct current) loads can be used directly off the battery
    5. AC (alternating current) loads require an inverter, generator, or shore power
    6. Inverter transforms the energy from DC to AC power
      1. DC Power may be used to maintain the batteries charge, lighting, small appliances, small electronics, and other gizmos
      2. AC Power may be required if you want the luxury of coffee machine, microwave, cell phone charger, laptop, etc.

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