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Reasons To Go With OFF-GRID Solar


  • Self-sufficient lifestyle
  • Zero Dependence
  • Store Your Own Power
  • Generator Backup
  • Less expensive than power line installation 
  • Receive 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Technology

  • Charge batteries
  • High tech off grid inverters
  • Utilize batteries and generator
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Security

  • Own Your Power!
  • Store Excess Power
  • How Does OFF-GRID Solar Work?
    1. Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels collect the suns energy and transports it to the charger controller and deep cycle batteries, for storage.
    2. The power is then transported to your off grid inverter which transforms the energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) for use in your remote home or cabin.
    3. Propane generators are highly recommended for back-up power.
      • Generators power the batteries, or power the home directly and automatically, when needed.

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